Magai Arboriculture - helping trees live with people since 1991

Serving the needs of unabashed tree lovers, their neighbors and governments by providing a preventative, holistic approach to tree care, Magai Arboriculture, located in Troy, New York, was started in 1991 in Seattle by Jack Magai. He has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) since 1997.

The company, now with three certified arborists, strives to maximize the great benefits provided by large trees in landscape and urban settings. By assessing and managing risk, we extend their useful life (often by decades!). We specialize in assessing the structural integrity of large, old trees, and have extensive experience designing and installing dynamic cabling systems. Though the majority of our customers are homeowners, we occasionally perform formal risk assessments, oversee tree-sensitive construction sites and deliver expert opinions for municipalities, businesses and educational institutions.

In large tree care companies a complicated chain of command often results in mistakes and cookie-cutter solutions. Because we are a very small company of unusually articulate and educated employees all working directly for the arborist-owner, we are able to safeguard the trees we work on while providing intelligent solutions to their unique problems.

To schedule an estimate or consultation, contact Andrew at 518-274-5138.