Tree Care

We employ the most current techniques to preserve trees, both above ground and below:

  • Spikes (AKA gaffs & spurs) are only used when removing a tree.
  • Only light-duty trucks are used, and are not driven over unpaved parts of the trees’ root zone without owners’ permission. Aerial work is done using ropes and harnesses.
  • Cambium Savers (AKA Friction Savers, as seen on left) and false crotches are used routinely, devices which greatly reduce the damage which climbing and rigging ropes can cause to bark.
  • All pruning tools, with the exception of chainsaws, are sterilized before work on every site.
  • We use spent vegetable oil to lubricate our chainsaw bars so that we arenít spraying petroleum oil around your landscape.
  • Why we don’t use Aerial lifts (AKA bucket trucks):
    1. We don’t use any vehicles heavier than a heavy pickup truck, and we stay on the roads and driveways. Positioning a bucket truck for pruning often involves driving this heavy vehicle on areas not exposed to traffic, potentially compacting soils and thus reducing tree health.
    2. Tree removal outfits often over-prune. This results in more decay and weakly-attached new growth, increasing the hazards. 
    3. So, at least, make sure the company you hire is pruning for the long-term, not just to make laypeople feel safer.